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Services and Solutions

Harbor Electronics provides end to end service from layout and design through product validation

Layout and Design

  • Board layout

  • Schematic engineering

  • Standardized stack up libraries

  • Component engineering

  • Power integrity

  • 3D modeling simulation analysis

U.S. Fabrication

  • Fabrication of high aspect ratio, multilayer prototype printed circuit boards

  • Leading edge capabilities enabling fine pitch ATE boards

Global Fabrication

  • Cost effective ATE solutions

  • Low and mid-volume

  • Non-ATE

  • Rigid-flex

  • HDI prototype

PCB Assembly

  • Ultra high density

  • 01005 & 0201 passive placement

  • 100% AOI & 3D solder paste inspection

  • X-ray validation

  • Low stress leaded & Pb-free reflow

  • Mechanical integration


  • Signal integrity laboratory

  • Post assembly test

  • Mechanical integration

World Class Customer Service

  • Rapid response to all requests

  • Global field service

  • Pre and post sales engineering support


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Where complex ATE solutions are made simple
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